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Validator Spotlight - UNL Deep Dive -

TL;DR: These companies and individuals included on the rUNL are the backbone of a 20bil dollar financial network. These posts dive deeper into a company's background, financial backers, integral partners, and other features to better understand who each of these validators are. This first post is about, an Austrian startup. Overall, there are no immediate redflags from Brex and it makes for a good inclusion being the only validator from Austria. However, doing this review has highlighted for me that other than Ripple's word, there is no connection to prove that the validator Brex claim…

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Who are the Ripple Validators?

In this post I'm going to try to consolidate all public knowledge that currently exists about Ripple Validators. Additionally I will give two example UNL's based on current validators that exist at the end of the post. One additional note, the 'verification' that occurs on Ripple's site: is based off of emails you send to Ripple's team. They then have you sign two signatures, one of your domain name using your validator's private key, and one of your public key with your domain's SSL cert. These verifications are not posted publicly. That means unless…

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Vanity Public Ripple Validator

There are many reasons to run a Ripple validator. Warren Anderson stated in an XRP Chat thread that the simplest reason for someone to run a validator is "to preserve and protect the stable operation and sensible evolution of the network." I was an early employee at Ripple (back when it was called OpenCoin) and I still hold some of the XRP I was paid for my duties there. Because of that, it only makes sense to run a validator and contribute to the decentralization of the Ripple network. However, while I was setting up my validator, I had a thought... why not make a vanity validator public key…

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