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I am refunding the PRX sale.

It was a bit of a solemn day yesterday. The SEC stepped into the Crypto realm and stated something quite obvious: "DAO Tokens, a Digital Asset, Were Securities" This report the published was not an enforcement letter, it was simply an investigative report. Quite frankly, from the SEC's perspective, it was brilliant. The SEC's whole purpose is to protect U.S. investors. We are in the midst of a huge, billion dollar ICO bubble, with presumably hundreds of millions of dollars of U.S. investors' dollars at stake. While I expected the SEC to immediately lash out and shut down some of the more unscr…

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How to trade XRP/PRX on Gatehub or Rippex

I'm making a very simple, easy to follow guide on how to trade XRP for PRX on both Gatehub and Rippex's desktop client. If you are new to trading, I will try to guide you through the process and explain some of terms used on both pages. Please keep in mind for both Gatehub and Rippex you need to extend a trustline to PRX from issuer rPRXcb4T8r7VezKkgRbQBuzGrftsjgJcUu otherwise you can't hold nor trade PRX. On Rippex go to the Trust Lines tab and add this: On gatehub, visit your wallet screen. Click the advanced tab here: Next click the 'set trust' button here: Enter your password. Keep in mind…

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